Orstadius newsletter may 2011

Newsletter May 2011

Angela Marré-Lippitz is a new Senior Consultant at Orstadius AB, Med. Dr. and specialised in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.
 Angela was trained and board certified in Germany and has been working at the Karolinska Hospital where she has been holding a leadership position for 12 years.

Angela has a specialisation in psychotherapy and dialectic behavioural therapy including mindfulness training. A resulting field is the personality diagnosis under  both medical and pre-medical  circumstances. The cha­racterisation of personality traits has become a rapidly evolving field in the screening of virtually all relevant leadership positions with the application of scientific tools becoming paramount.

Stress related issues have al­ways been a core issue in Angela’s activities. In this environment she has an extensive background in preventive training of top management in the business sector in various stress coping techniques. Angela has more than 10 years experience in leading personal coaching courses, in particular dealing with stress management including relaxation techniques.

Angela is married and has three children. Being born and educated in Germany, having lived in the US and for the last 16 years in Sweden, Angela has developed a spe­cial interest in the definition and solutions for trans-cultural communica­tion and has achieved a social and linguistic understanding of all three countries.

At Orstadius she will be a crucial team member in Personality Assessment services and Management Team Due Diligence assignments. With a wealth of experience and previous management positions she specifically contri­butes with knowledge of the Life Science sector and leadership issues.

Best Regards,

Britt Orstadius

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orstadius newsletter march 2011

Newsletter March 2011
Being visionary and self-confident is necessary if you want to raise money as an
entrepreneur. But how can you as an investor know that they also are capable of making
money and execute their great vision in the real world and not just are shameless narcissists
with a grandious ego. In Private Equity as everywhere else in the world it is important to be
able to distinguish the good visionaries from the bad ones in short, where on the narcissistic
spectrum people are. Within such a spectrum one can distinguish between constructive and
reactive narcissism.
Constructive narcissism is highly visionary and one might even say given to grandiosity, but
also characterized by a high degree of confidence in one´s own abilities and a high task and
goal orientation. There is also a solid sense of self-esteem, a capacity for introspection, and
an empathetic outlook. These people have a vision that extends beyond themselves and
they work hard to fulfill it. Often they become larger than- life figures with the capacity to
inspire others.
Reactive narcissism, on the other hand, develops in people who have been damaged in some
way. They have developed a defective sense of identity and have difficulty maintaining a
stable sense of self-esteem. As a way of mastering their feelings of insecurity and
inadequacy they develop an exaggerated sense of self-importance and self-grandiosity. They
lack empathy and are unable to perceive and understand how others feel. If this results in
wanting and working to be valued it can produce something good. But if it turns into envy,
greed, grandiosity and vindictiveness great harm can be done. As leaders they often become
obsessed by power, prestige and superiority. They overvalue their personal worth and tend
to think that they deserve special privileges. There is often a tendency to exploit other
In order to understand how the psychopathology of relationships between narcissistic
individuals and others work it is necessary to understand a few phenomena.
Mirroring. Other people´s reactions to ourselves become important to us from an early age.
That might also be the case between entrepreneurs and investors. Investors use
entrepreneurs to reflect what they want to see and entrepreneurs see this as an affirmation.
The result is a mutual admiration society. This can be fatal if reality is sold out. When reality
changes we need to adapt quickly and this might not be possible.
Idealizing. By this process we combat feelings of helplessness and acquire some of the
power of the person admired. Even here reality is sold out and the world of illusion becomes
a great danger.
How to handle. Distribute decision-making and create barriers against runaway
entrepreneurs. Improve selection of entrepreneurs, and selection, education and evaluation
of board members. Offer coaching to those showing too much narcissism
Best Regards,
Britt Orstadius

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